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Take control of your career and become indispensable. Whether through role-specific certifications or newly acquired, scenario-focused practical skills, demonstrating your expertise with Microsoft’s trusted and verified credentials can elevate your value in your current job and future opportunities. Browse our online Microsoft certification courses below, or contact us with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Confirm your expertise in sought-after job positions. Stay current with evolving roles and contribute to your profession.
  • Microsoft Certifications align with the most crucial job roles for businesses, helping them identify and retain top talent in an ever-changing technological landscape.
  • Advance in your career by validating a diverse set of skills essential for critical organisational roles.
  • Obtain industry-recognised certifications by passing exams that simulate real-world job challenges.
  • Stand out by showcasing your Microsoft-verified certification, instilling organisations with trust in the authenticity and dependability of your role-specific skills.

Achieving a Microsoft Certification provides internationally acknowledged proof of practical skills. It demonstrates your dedication to staying abreast of swiftly evolving technology and prepares you for enhanced capabilities, productivity, and earning opportunities in your professional endeavours.

Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft. It allows users to organise, format, and analyse data using tools such as formulas, functions, charts, and graphs. Excel is commonly used for tasks such as financial analysis, data management, and creating visual representations of data.

You can enrol in Microsoft’s certification programme to obtain a Microsoft Excel certificate. You can prepare for the certification exam through self-study or a training course through Seven Learning, and then schedule and take the exam at an authorised testing centre. Upon passing the exam, you will receive your Microsoft Excel certificate.

As a Power BI data analyst, your primary responsibility involves collaborating with business stakeholders to understand their requirements. Additionally, you work alongside enterprise data analysts and data engineers to source and obtain data. Using Power BI, you then proceed to transform the data and build data models to meet the specified business needs.

Yes, you can begin a career as a data analyst utilising Power BI. The skills in Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Professional Certificate equip you for an introductory position as a data analyst.

The Microsoft Power BI data analyst course covers diverse topics, from Power BI Desktop, Power Query, DAX formulas, and data modelling. Candidates must be proficient in working with different data sources, constructing data models, and creating visualisations. The exam is regarded as moderately to highly challenging.

Microsoft Certification Courses from Seven Learning

Seven Learning offers comprehensive online courses to help you prepare for and earn valuable Microsoft certifications. With expert instructors and flexible learning options, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to advance your career in various fields, from data analysis to productivity software mastery.

The Benefits of Learning with Seven Learning

  • Learn at your own pace with self-paced online courses
  • Receive personalised support from industry experts
  • Access to high-quality course materials and resources
  • Earn globally recognised Microsoft certifications
  • Enhance your career prospects and earning potential

Career Opportunities

Microsoft certifications are highly valued across industries, demonstrating your proficiency in essential technologies and software. With certifications from Seven Learning, you’ll be well-equipped to pursue exciting career paths such as:

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Professional
  • Data Scientist
  • Productivity Consultant
  • Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft Certification Courses

Power BI Data Analyst

This course is designed for individuals seeking to become certified Power BI Data Analysts. Learn how to design and build scalable data models, clean and transform data, and create stunning visualisations and reports using Power BI. Ideal for those interested in data analysis, business intelligence, and data-driven decision-making.

Microsoft Excel 2019

Master the essentials of Microsoft Excel with this comprehensive course. Gain expertise in managing worksheets, working with data, creating formulas and functions, and visualising data with charts. Perfect for professionals, students, and anyone seeking to enhance their productivity and excel in data-related tasks.

With Seven Learning’s Microsoft certification courses, you’ll receive invaluable training and support to help you succeed in your certification exams and unlock new career opportunities in high-demand fields.

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