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Best Amazon AWS Online Courses with Certification

Discover our range of AWS Amazon courses designed to help you gain valuable skills and certifications in cloud computing. Whether you’re aiming to become an AWS-certified SysOps Administrator Associate, learn about machine learning, or pursue a career as a solutions architect, our study guides provide the essential knowledge and hands-on experience needed to excel in these specialised areas. With expertly crafted content and practical insights, our courses are tailored to equip you with the expertise required to succeed in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of AWS Amazon services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive and widely-used cloud computing platform that offers a diverse range of over 200 services.

These services encompass computing power, storage, databases, networking, machine learning, and more, enabling businesses and individuals to build and deploy applications and services with flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

AWS is renowned for its global infrastructure, security features, and pay-as-you-go pricing model, making it a popular choice for organisations seeking to leverage cloud technology for their computing needs.

Millions of active global customers from diverse industries utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their cloud platform of choice for building, implementing, and hosting applications.

These customers represent a broad spectrum of sectors, including banking, non-profit, media, manufacturing, and government, ranging from individual entrepreneurs and startups to businesses of all sizes and various public sector organizations.

While AWS caters to customers of all types, its customer base predominantly comprises smaller to mid-size businesses.

AWS also collaborates with technology systems integrators through the AWS Partner Network (APN) to create optimised cloud technology solutions, and independent software vendors (ISVs) have adapted their technology solutions for compatibility on the AWS platform.

Since its inception in 2006, Amazon has continuously evolved and expanded AWS to meet the evolving needs of its growing customer base.

AWS is used for a wide array of cloud computing purposes, including hosting websites and web applications, storing and analysing data, deploying machine learning models, and managing infrastructure. It offers scalable and flexible computing resources, enabling businesses to innovate, develop, and operate applications with enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Learning AWS is important due to its widespread adoption in the industry, offering lucrative career opportunities and salary growth.

Mastering AWS equips individuals with in-demand cloud computing skills, making them valuable assets to organisations.

AWS Certified individuals can design and deploy scalable, high-performing, and cost-effective solutions on the AWS platform. Their deep understanding of AWS services and best practices allows them to optimise solution performance, making them valuable assets in driving successful outcomes for businesses leveraging AWS technology.

Learn AWS Online

Become an AWS expert through Seven Learning and get started towards mastering cloud computing. Our instructors, with real-world experience, offer AWS online training tailored for both beginners and advanced learners.

Learn at your own pace with our AWS courses, gaining the theoretical understanding and practical skills essential for roles in cloud development, sales, engineering, networking, and beyond.

With over 200 featured services, AWS provides a robust cloud computing platform, and honing your skills in this area can lead to a range of opportunities.

Whether pursuing certification or simply aiming to enhance your knowledge, AWS online training enables individuals to progress at their own speed, making AWS skills accessible to all.

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