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Finding a reliable source for learning can be tough when there are so many options out there. But with Seven Learning, you can be sure that you’re getting the best of the best. Our PRINCE2 online courses are designed to help you prepare for your certification exams in a way that is both effective and efficient. We offer a comprehensive range of courses that cover all of the necessary content, so you can be confident that you’re getting the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

We also make it easy for you to study at your own pace and on your own schedule, so you can work towards your goals on your own terms. And with our expert guidance and support, you’ll have everything you need to pass your exams with flying colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

A PRINCE2 online course is a web-based training program designed to provide individuals with knowledge and skills in PRINCE2, which is a globally recognised project management methodology. The course covers key principles, themes, and processes of PRINCE2, offering the flexibility of online learning to prepare candidates for PRINCE2 certification exams and successful project management practices.

The PRINCE2® method is a globally recognised project management framework that serves as a universal language for project management. Developed in collaboration with 150 leading public and private bodies by the UK government, PRINCE2 details step-by-step processes and best practices for managing projects at every stage. It is highly adaptable and can be tailored to projects of any scale, sector, location, or complexity, making it a valuable tool for professionals at any career stage to achieve their project management goals.

The cost of a PRINCE2 course can vary based on the specific course and the provider. For example, the PRINCE2 Agile® course offered by Seven Learning is priced at £540.99 and covers the certification exam objectives through 36+ lessons. Additionally, the PRINCE2® 6th Edition course, also available from Seven Learning, is designed to help learners gain hands-on experience to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams, and is priced at £540.99, covering the certification exam objectives with its interactive learning resources.

PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Courses

Seven Learning offers comprehensive PRINCE2 online courses to help individuals prepare for PRINCE2 certifications. The PRINCE2 Agile® course equips learners with the skills and knowledge required to pass the PRINCE2 Agile certification exam, covering the exam objectives through 36+ lessons.

Additionally, the PRINCE2® 6th Edition course provides hands-on experience to successfully clear the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams, with interactive learning resources that comprehensively address the certification exam objectives. Both courses are designed to support individuals in mastering the principles and practices of PRINCE2 project management methodology.

What Does a PRINCE2 Qualification Cover?

The PRINCE2® qualification covers a comprehensive range of themes, processes, and principles essential for effective project management. It encompasses seven themes, focusing on aspects such as business case, organisation, plans, risk, quality, change, and progress. Additionally, the qualification delves into the understanding of seven processes overseen by a project manager, including initiating a project, controlling a stage, and closing a project.

Furthermore, learners explore seven principles and best practices that projects should adhere to, such as continued business justifications, learning from experience, and managing by stages, among others. This holistic approach equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to master the PRINCE2 methodology and become a registered PRINCE2 Practitioner.

PRINCE2 Online Course With Seven Learning

Being a certified project manager is an achievement that brings huge career advantages.

  • With Seven Learning’s comprehensive online courses, you get:
    36+ lessons that cover all the exam objectives
  • Highly experienced tutors who provide in-depth knowledge and performance tips
  • Hands-on experience to clear Foundation and Practitioner exams

Learn by watching engaging video lessons, and completing quizzes, exercises, and sample papers. Pass the certification exam with flying colours thanks to our expert guidance.

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