Regression Analysis with Python

This Course Includes:

Get the knowledge to use Python for building fast and better linear models and to deploy the resulting models in Python with a Regression Analysis with Python course.  The course provides hands-on experience of the concepts, Regression – The Workhorse of Data Science, Approaching Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Regression in Action. Logistic Regression, Data Preparation, and Achieving Generalization

Lessons 1: Preface

  • What this course covers
  • What you need for this course
  • Who this course is for
  • Conventions

Lessons 2: Regression – The Workhorse of Data Science

  • Regression analysis and data science
  • Python for data science
  • Python packages and functions for linear models

Lessons 3: Approaching Simple Linear Regression

  • Defining a regression problem
  • Starting from the basics
  • Extending to linear regression
  • Minimising the cost function

Lessons 4: Multiple Regression in Action

  • Using multiple features
  • Revisiting gradient descent
  • Estimating feature importance
  • Interaction models
  • Polynomial regression

Lessons 5: Logistic Regression

  • Defining a classification problem
  • Defining a probability-based approach
  • Revisiting gradient descent
  • Multiclass Logistic Regression

Lessons 6: Data Preparation

  • Numeric feature scaling
  • Qualitative feature encoding
  • Numeric feature transformation
  • Missing data
  • Outliers

Lessons 7: Achieving Generalisation

  • Checking on out-of-sample data
  • Greedy selection of features
  • Regularisation optimized by grid-search
  • Stability selection

Lessons 8: Online and Batch Learning

  • Batch learning
  • Online mini-batch learning

Lessons 9: Advanced Regression Methods

  • Least Angle Regression
  • Bayesian regression
  • SGD classification with hinge loss
  • Regression trees (CART)
  • Bagging and boosting
  • Gradient Boosting Regressor with LAD

Lessons 10: Real-world Applications for Regression Models

  • Downloading the datasets
  • A regression problem
  • An imbalanced and multiclass classification problem
  • A ranking problem
  • A time series problem

Hands-on LAB Activities (Performance Labs)

Approaching Simple Linear Regression

Multiple Regression in Action

Logistic Regression

Data Preparation

Achieving Generalisation

Online and Batch Learning

Advanced Regression Methods

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Regression Analysis - Python


10+ Lessons

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