Motion Graphic And Animation

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uCertify’s CompTIA Data+ course and lab are designed to come in handy as a CompTIA Data+ study guide. uCertify’s CompTIA Data+ is a complete learning path for you by including all the subject areas on which the DA0-001 exam is based and it contains performance labs to give you a complete understanding of data analysis and business intelligence reporting roles. The course enhances the latest knowledge and skills of data professionals

Motion graphic design is a creative discipline that combines elements of graphic design, animation, and visual storytelling .

The CompTIA Data+ exam validates the ability of a candidate to transform business requirements in support of data-driven decisions through mining and manipulating data, applying basic statistical methods, and analyzing complex datasets while adhering to governance and quality standards throughout the entire data life cycle.

Here's what you will learn

Lessons 1: Preface

  • What this course covers?
  • What you need for this course?
  • Who this course is for?
  • Conventions

Hands-on LAB Activities

Databases and Data Acquisition

  • Creating a Data Model through ERD
  • Normalizing Data from 2NF to 3NF
  • Normalizing Data from 1NF to 2NF
  • Normalizing Unnormalized Data to 1NF
  • Sorting Data
  • Removing Unnecessary Data
  • Updating Existing Data
  • Retrieving Specific Data

Understanding Data

  • Understanding Data Types
  • Identifying Categories of Data
  • Understanding Common Data Structures

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Motion Graphic


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