Microsoft Azure Administration (AZ-104)

This Course Includes:

Gain hands-on experience to pass the Microsoft Azure certification exam with the Microsoft Azure (AZ-104) course and lab. Interactive chapters and hands-on labs comprehensively cover the (AZ-104) exam objectives and provide knowledge in areas such as Azure Virtual machine, Azure storage account, Azure monitor, Azure networking, and many more. The Microsoft Azure study guide will help you get a full understanding of implementing, managing, and monitoring an organisation’s Microsoft Azure environment.

What do you get:

The Microsoft Azure (AZ-104) exam verifies that a candidate can assess the responsibilities for this role including implementing, managing, and monitoring identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks in a cloud environment, plus provision, size, monitor and adjust resources.

Lessons 1: Introduction

  • Organisation of this course
  • Preparing for the exam
  • Microsoft certifications
  • Quick access to online references

Lessons 2: Manage Azure identities and governance

  • Skill 1.1: Manage Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) objects
  • Skill 1.2: Manage role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Skill 1.3: Manage subscriptions and governance
  • Thought experiment
  • Lesson summary

Lessons 3: Implement and manage storage

  • Skill 2.1: Secure Storage
  • Skill 2.2: Manage storage
  • Skill 2.3: Configure Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage
  • Thought experiment

Lessons 4: Deploy and manage Azure compute resources

  • Skill 3.1: Automate deployment of virtual machines (VMs) by using Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Skill 3.2: Configure VMs for high availability and scalability
  • Skill 3.3: Configure VMs
  • Skill 3.4: Create and configure containers
  • Skill 3.5: Create and configure Azure App Service
  • Thought experiment

Lessons 5: Configure and manage virtual networking

  • Skill 4.1: Implement and manage virtual networking
  • Skill 4.2: Secure access to virtual networks
  • Skill 4.3: Configure load balancing
  • Skill 4.4: Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking
  • Skill 4.5: Integrate an on-premises network with an Azure virtual network
  • Thought experiment

Lessons 6: Monitor and back up Azure resources

  • Skill 5.1: Monitor resources by using Azure Monitor
  • Skill 5.2: Implement backup and recovery
  • Thought experiment

Hands-on LAB Activities

Implement and manage storage

  • Creating a Storage Account
  • Implementing Azure Storage Replication
  • Attaching a Managed Data Disk to a Windows VM by Using the Azure Portal
  • Creating and Deploying Azure Resource Manager Templates by Using the Azure Portal
  • Downloading the Template for a VM
  • Creating a Virtual Machine
  • Creating and Managing Azure File Shares with the Azure Portal
  • Uploading and Downloading Blobs with the Azure Portal

Deploy and manage Azure compute resources

  • Configuring a High Availability Set

Configure and manage virtual networking

  • Creating a Virtual Network
  • Attaching Network Interfaces
  • Creating and Configuring VNet Peering
  • Creating a Load Balancer
  • Creating a Network Security Group
  • Creating a Firewall
  • Creating an Azure VPN gateway
  • Creating an Azure ExpressRoute

Monitor and back up Azure resources

  • Configuring the Recovery Services Vault

Exam FAQs

At least six months of hands-on experience administering Azure, along with a strong understanding of core Azure services, Azure workloads, security, and governance.

The fee is GBP £165

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Microsoft Azure Administration


6+ Lessons | 243+ Exercises | 60+ Quizzes | 60+ Flashcards | 60+ Glossary of terms

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