ITIL® 4 Specialist High Velocity IT

This Course Includes:

Gain hands-on experience to pass the ITIL 4 Specialist High-velocity certification exam with the ITIL 4 Specialist High-velocity IT course and lab. The lab comes with a well-organised component library for every task. The ITIL 4 course and lab will help you master the skills required to understand concepts regarding the high-velocity nature of the digital enterprise, understand the digital product lifecycle  in terms of the ITIL’s operating model, and many more. The examination fee is included in the price.

What will you get:

The ITIL 4 Specialist High-velocity IT certification exam covers a variety of cutting-edge working methods, including DevOps practices and Lean and Agile methodologies. It is intended to bridge the gap between development and operational methods, as well as to effectively enable digital delivery from optimisation to radical transformation. ITIL Managing Professionals and ITIL Strategic Leaders who work to deliver high-velocity IT should choose this certification exam.

Lessons 1: Introduction

  • Audience and scope
  • Background and context

Lessons 2: Key concepts of high-velocity IT

  • High-velocity IT
  • Digital technology
  • Digital organisations
  • Digital transformation
  • High-velocity IT objectives and key characteristics
  • Adopting the ITIL service value system to enable high-velocity IT

Lessons 3: High-velocity IT culture

  • Key behaviour patterns
  • Models and concepts of HVIT culture
  • ITIL guiding principles

Lessons 4: High-velocity IT techniques

  • Techniques for valuable investments
  • Techniques for fast development
  • Techniques for resilient operations
  • Techniques for co-created value
  • Techniques for assured conformance

Lessons 5: Conclusion

Hands-on LAB Activities (Performance Labs)

Key concepts of high-velocity IT

  • Arranging Peer Review Approaches
  • Discussing the Use of Digital Technology
  • Discussing the ITIL Service Value System
  • Understanding HVIT Objectives
  • Identifying the Four Dimensions of Service Management
  • Identifying Elements of the ITIL Service Value System
  • Analysing the Lifecycle Stages

High-velocity IT culture

  • Discussing Key Behavior Patterns of the HVIT Culture
  • Understanding Improvement Domains

High-velocity IT techniques

  • Understanding Product or Service Ownership
  • Entering Service Value Chain Activities
  • Understanding A/B Testing
  • Discussing the 'Fast Development' HVIT Objective
  • Learning About Retrospectives

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5+ Lessons

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