CompTIA Data+

This Course Includes:

Seven Learning’s CompTIA Data+ course and lab are designed to come in handy as a CompTIA Data+ study guide. Seven Learning’s CompTIA Data+ is a complete learning path for you by including all the subject areas on which the DA0-001 exam is based and it contains performance labs to give you a complete understanding of data analysis and business intelligence reporting roles. The course enhances the latest knowledge and skills of data professionals.

What will you get:

The CompTIA Data+ exam validates the ability of a candidate to transform business requirements in support of data-driven decisions through mining and manipulating data, applying basic statistical methods, and analysing complex datasets while adhering to governance and quality standards throughout the entire data life cycle.

Lessons 1: Introduction

  • The Data+ Exam
  • What Does This Course Cover?
  • Exam DA0-001 Exam Objectives
  • DA0-001 Certification Exam Objective Map

Lessons 2: Today's Data Analyst

  • Welcome to the World of Analytics
  • Careers in Analytics
  • The Analytics Process
  • Analytics Techniques
  • Data Governance
  • Analytics Tools
  • Summary

Lessons 3: Understanding Data

  • Exploring Data Types
  • Common Data Structures
  • Common File Formats
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 4: Databases and Data Acquisition

  • Exploring Databases
  • Database Use Cases
  • Data Acquisition Concepts
  • Working with Data
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 5: Data Quality

  • Data Quality Challenges
  • Data Manipulation Techniques
  • Managing Data Quality
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 6: Data Analysis and Statistics

  • Fundamentals of Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Analysis Techniques
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 7: Data Analytics Tools

  • Spreadsheets
  • Programming Languages
  • Statistics Packages
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics Suites
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 8: Data Visualisation with Reports and Dashboards

  • Understanding Business Requirements
  • Understanding Report Design Elements
  • Understanding Dashboard Development Methods
  • Exploring Visualisation Types
  • Comparing Report  Types
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Lessons 9: Data Governance

  • Data Governance Concepts
  • Understanding Master Data Management
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials

Hands-on LAB Activities

Today's Data Analyst

  • Understanding Data Analytics Techniques

Understanding Data

  • Understanding Data Types
  • Identifying Categories of Data
  • Understanding Common Data Structures

Databases and Data Acquisition

  • Creating a Data Model through ERD
  • Normalising Data from 2NF to 3NF
  • Normalising Data from 1NF to 2NF
  • Normalising Unnormalised Data to 1NF
  • Sorting Data
  • Removing Unnecessary Data
  • Updating Existing Data
  • Retrieving Specific Data

Data Quality

  • Eliminating Redundant Data
  • Concatenating Data
  • Understanding Data Quality

Data Analysis and Statistics

  • Performing Data Analysis
  • Understanding Descriptive Statistics

Data Analytics Tools

  • Saving Data in Excel
  • Representing Data
  • Analysing Data using Python
  • Identifying SQL Commands in Data Analytics

Data Visualisation with Reports and Dashboards

  • Visualising Data Using a Line Chart
  • Visualising Data Using a Histogram
  • Visualising Data Using a Bar Chart

Data Governance

  • Understanding Laws in Data Governance

Exam FAQs

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9+ Lessons | 307+ Exercises | 150+ Quizzes | 190+ Flashcards | 90+ Glossary of Terms

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